Edwards Military Supply - Who Are We?

Edwards Military Supply is a small veteran owned and operated military surplus and supply business in Columbus, Georgia.

 The Boss

      My name is Zachary Edwards. I served in the Army and the National Guard for over a decade from 2007 to 2018. While in the Guard, I worked at a much larger military supply business as my civilian job, and attended business school in my spare time. After finishing school, I decided to try my hand at running my own business. I figured the best place to start is with something I already knew. The question was, "what can I do differently than these other larger businesses?"

     Because I worked in purchasing and management at a larger company, I knew what kinds of prices they were paying for the items sold in the store. I recognized that they had to charge certain prices because their overhead and costs were so high. With 50-100 employees, depending on which company we're talking about, even small items have to make a decent profit just to keep everything rolling. So, I figured, I could afford to sell most of the same items and provide some of the same services at lower prices if I kept my operating costs lower. Thus, the idea for a more compact version of the bigger military surplus / supply stores was born. 

     I operate Edwards Military Supply entirely by myself. Everything from purchasing, stocking, packaging, and shipping the products all the way down to cleaning the latrines and mowing the grass. By doing everything I possibly can without hiring a large staff, I am able to sell most of the products in my store for lower prices than anywhere else around. If you're looking to get ready for Ranger School, Officer Candidate School, or just about any other military course on Fort Benning, please stop in and give me a chance to save you some money. 

    Since many customers want to be sure they are working with someone that knows what they're talking about, I'll tell you a little more about my time in the military. 

  • I first enlisted while in high school in late 2007.  A few days after graduation, I shipped out to Basic / OSUT on Fort Benning at Bravo Company, 1-19 Infantry as an 11B trainee. 
  • After completing training, I went to my first unit: Delta Company, 2-121 Infantry, 48th Infantry Brigade.
  • After A few years in D Co, I volunteered to deploy with another unit because I had a bunch of friends already in the unit. So, I was transferred to H Company, 121st Infantry. The LRS unit for the state of Georgia. Going from a leg unit to an airborne that goes on special missions, I had no idea what I was in for. It was a rude awakening after I had gotten complacent in a regular unit.
  • So, after a few months of one long smoke session (after I had already been in the military for like four years...) we finally deployed.... to Kosovo...  Other than being miserably cold on guard duty and having to burn and stir our own sh.... stuff.   That was a cakewalk of a "deployment." This picture is me, freezing my butt off under like four layers of clothes.
  • While in Kosovo, I was already on the phone making calls back to the states to set up another deployment right after we got home. I ended up getting picked up for a deployment to Afghanistan set to begin their train-up less than two months after we came home from Kosovo.
  • So, I came home from my first deployment, sat around for about six weeks, and then started working with my new unit, the 201st RSG. 
  • We deployed to Afghanistan in January 2013. The secfor platoon I was a part of was in charge of providing security for higher ranking individuals when they went out into the Afghan cities to have meetings with local community leaders. Here's a picture of me on that deployment.
  • After coming home from Afghanistan, the rest of my time was rather uneventful. I went back to the LRS unit until they were eventually disbanded. Then back to a regular line unit until I was finally med-boarded out after dealing with back injuries from Afghanistan. 

So, thats everything worth knowing about me and my store. If you're in the Fort Benning area, please stop in and check the place out. Or check out the rest of my website and I'll send you anything you need if you're not close enough by.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

-Zachary L. Edwards
706-573-5285 (cell)
706-940-0280 (store)

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