Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers

     At Edwards Military Supply, we accept all inbound firearms transfers. All Long guns, Handguns, Receivers, "Others."

     We of course will have to do an FBI background check when you pick up your firearm, unless you are a Georgia resident with a "Georgia Weapons Carry License." ( Concealed Carry Permit ).

---Military Stationed at Fort Benning, you can have your firearms transferred here! If you do not have a Georgia ID, you will need to bring a copy of your PCS orders and your CAC card. The orders can either be a hard copy, or digital. We just have to look at it. 

---Non-Georgia Residents - Even if you live right across the river in Phenix City, or are from any other state, you will only be able to pick up long guns in the store. Federal law says handguns and "others" ( receivers ) can only be picked up in the state where you are a resident.  Side note:  This rule does not apply to military members who are PCS to Georgia. According to the rules, you are considered a resident of your home of record and the state you are assigned. 

Fees - Standard Transfers - $25
         - Multiple Transfers - $25 for the first, $10 for each additional. 
         - Class II  Transfers -  $80 - because we have to hold on to your item for such a long time. 

Pickup Times: After being notified or after we attempt to notify you of a transfer arrival. Any items not picked up after 90 days become the property of Edwards Military Supply LLC.  

Info - If you are looking to have a transfer sent here, just give the sending FFL that you're buying from our shipping and FFL info.  If they ask for a copy of our FFL in advance, just give them our email so they can ask for it, or give us their email and your name / order number if applicable and we will send them our license. And please remind them to put the buyer's name and contact info in the box. 

Shipping -

Edwards Military Supply LLC
4319 Victory Drive
Columbus, GA,  31903

FFL EZ Check Number - 1-58-14801

Email -

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