Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers

     At Edwards Military Supply, we accept all inbound firearms transfers. All Long guns, Handguns, Receivers, "Others," and Class II / III items like suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and fully automatics. 

     We of course will have to do an FBI background check when you pick up your firearm, unless you are a Georgia resident with a "Georgia Weapons License." ( Concealed Carry Permit ).

---Military Stationed at Fort Benning, you can have your firearms transferred here! If you do not have a Georgia ID, you will need to bring a copy of your PCS orders and your CAC card. The orders can either be a hard copy, or digital. We just have to look at it. 

---Non-Georgia Residents - Even if you live right across the river in Phenix City, or are from any other state, you will only be able to purchase / pick up long guns in the store. Federal law says handguns and "others" ( receivers ) can only be picked up in the state where you are a resident. So we can still sell you anything, but would have to transfer it to your local FFL.   Side note:  This rule does not apply to military members who are PCS to Georgia. According to the rules, you are considered a resident of your home of record and the state you are assigned. 

Fees - Standard Transfers - $10
         - Multiple Transfers at the same time - still just $10
         - Class II  Transfers -  $50 - because we have to hold on to your item for such a long time. 


Info - If you are looking to have a transfer sent here, just give the sending FFL that you're buying from our shipping and FFL info.  If they ask for a copy of our FFL in advance, just give them our email so they can ask for it, or give us their email and your name / order number if applicable and we will send them our license. And please remind them to put the buyer's name and contact info in the box. 

Shipping -

Edwards Military Supply LLC
4319 Victory Drive
Columbus, GA,  31903

FFL EZ Check Number - 1-58-14801

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