Gunsmithing and Custom Rifle Building

     We offer a wide range of custom work at Edwards Military Supply. From weapon modifications to deep cleaning and lubrication, and everything in between. 
Some of our services:
  • Building ARs from scratch to meet your requirements / specifications
  • Building custom ARs from customer supplied parts
  • Modifications to your pre-built firearms
  • Full disassembly and cleaning of firearms
  • Malfunction diagnosis and repair

***Custom AR Building:
- In order to build you the AR you've been wanting, you just have to give us a call at 706-573-5285 or email us at .  We can discuss exactly how you want your rifle or AR pistol to be built.  Take a look below to see a few examples of our rifles. 

Coming soon:

  • Cerakote application
  • Hydrodipping

Coming later: (Waiting to get expensive equipment)

  • Suppressor manufacturing

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the Contact Us page. 

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