At Edwards Military Supply we offer sewing on a variety of different military uniforms and gear. Everything from badges, wings, and nametapes on OCPs to repairs, modifications, and markings on your rucks, FLCs and other TA-50. 
     We also do sewing on the Army Service Uniform and the new Army Service Greens (Pinks and Greens). We can do sewing on ranks, service stripes, combat stripes, and patches. We are not set up to do physical alterations ( fitting ) yet. But, we hope to be soon. 

     We can also make nametapes and U.S. Army tapes. We can make both the hook & loop (Velcro) and sew-on versions of the tapes.
     Please, give us the opportunity to prove ourselves, and see the more affordable rates we can offer by being a much smaller business compared other military sewing establishments around town.

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