Uniform Setup

Army Service Uniform ( Blue or Green ) Setup Services
      At Edwards Military Supply, we assemble the badges and ribbons on your Army Service Uniform with precision and care. I have been setting up ASUs, AGSUs, and ribbon racks since 2015, and as of updating this (February 2022), I have set up over 3000 uniforms. I have had dozens of customers come back to tell me that my work earned them top positions in inspections in classes like BLC and ALC. I've even had two customers from ALC come back and tell me that the battalion commander couldn't pick a winner of who had the best uniform because I put both of their uniforms together and they couldn't find anything wrong. 
      Beyond just setting up uniforms and ribbon racks, I also take the time to go over every customer's ERB / ORB / SRB with them to make sure everything on the uniform matches their records perfectly. Especially if they're wearing it for a DA photo. I even suggest that they let me check their SRB even if they're sure their paperwork is correct, because its astounding how many soldiers are just completely missing things on their records and don't even realize it. I'd say somewhere in the area of 40% are either missing something on their SRB, or something is labeled incorrectly. I even give them the exact wording they need to take to their S-1, and the regulation to back it up so they can get it fixed as quickly and easily as possible. 

      So, if you're getting ready for a DA photo, inspection, ball, or just payday activities, come on in and give me the chance to show you how great your uniform and badges can look when I do the work for you. I'll save you hours of hassle and headaches with your uniform. All you'll have to do is wear it. 

ASU jacket setup - average $25.00 - $30.00  depending on number of badges.***
Add name / rank to white shirt for wear under the jacket - $2.00

ASU Shirt-Only Setup "Tropical Class A's" (Class B's with all badges / ribbons on shirt) - $20.00-25.00 depending on number of badges.***

Mess Uniform Coat - $30.00

Ribbon Rack Only setup - $5.00 - $10.00 depending on number of devices. The number of ribbons does not affect the cost. So, if you have a bunch of ribbons, but only a few oak leaves or stars, it will still only be $5.00

***Uniform Setup prices do not include assembling a whole ribbon rack. - I will make minor changes on your rack for no additional charge, but assembling a completely new rack is $5.00

***Prices DO include a complimentary press on your coat or shirt. But if they are dirty and need to be cleaned, that will need to be done before setting up the uniform. 

----Zachary L. Edwards

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